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If you’re looking for an exciting new job then you should look into escort work that is top-quality. It’s a glamorous and exciting experience, but you must be prepared for a lot of risk. In order to begin you must first educate yourself on the career field. If you’re not sure of what it is, Quora has Rankin answer most of your questions. She also addresses the stigmas that surround her field and encourages people to learn more about themselves.

Rankin’s Quora profile

Rankin’s Quora profile is an open discussion about her job and dispels stereotypes associated with it. In her profile, she details her company and the girls who work there. A majority of them have college degrees and some are classically trained. Rankin states that the women she works with are beautiful and intelligent.


Hayley is highly sought-after escortee with many satisfied customers. Hayley describes her body as “athletic” and claims to be a natural pornstar. An hourly rate of $950 for an incall in a luxury hotel is charged. Her availability for outcalls is listed on the website.

Hayley Vernon, who is currently competing on Married at First Sight Australia 2020, has a new side hustle: she’s an elite escort. While her work as a reality TV star goes “hand in hand” with her new work but she’s still proud of her work in the sex industry.

Exquisite International

Exquisite International offers an exclusive, high-class escort service. Our escorts are highly trained and can make your event memorable. They can assist you with your travel plans or make your occasion memorable, or act as an unobtrusive driver.

Exquisite International’s Margaret MacDonald

Exquisite International’s Margaret MacDonalld does high class work with wealthy clients in escort. Her client list was said to include Arab businessmen. She advertised her services on the internet, in the International Herald Tribune, and in Germany. To run her business she also used a variety of false names. The laptop she owned contained contact information and names for 538 call girls. She earned anywhere from 30% to 40 percent of prostitutes’ earnings. MacDonald was allegedly earning $23,400 monthly from the business.

Margaret MacDonald was convicted for prostitution with a felony and sentenced to four years of imprisonment and a fine of 150,000 euros. MacDonald is a graduate with several business degrees, admitted to operating an escort service for high-end clients. MacDonald also stated that the decision to sleep with clients was the responsibility of her employees.

Eliot Spitzer hires a prostitute

Prosecutors allege Eliot Spitzer hired a prostitute for high-class escort work within New York City. According to court documents the two were seen on a Feb. 13 date. The event was monitored by federal law enforcement. In the wake of the scandal, Spitzer resigned.

The scandal has left Spitzer in a bind. His career was once considered an “crusader of the year” by Time magazine, but now the scandal has cast a shadow over his reputation. As B1 escorts for the state, Spitzer had gone after Wall Street executives for corruption. His first year as governor was rife by scandal. Some even demanded his resignation.